Change and Return

All our products have a 30 day return policy. Any withdrawal of the transaction must be reported to the seller (online form, e-mail), after which the goods must be returned to the seller without delay and no later than 30 days after the goods have been received. So you can get the product in the same way as it could be in the store. If you use the product, you will be responsible for the value reduction of the product in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Once the depreciation has begun, you will be responsible for the return costs.

When we get your refund, we’ll deal with it immediately. Your return will automatically be sent to Klara, which handles the possible refund of the money and the invoice refund.

Make sure the products you want to restore are well protected and packaged. We can not take responsibility for products that have been damaged during transport. Then place the package at the nearest post office.

IMPORTANT! For warranty repairs contact our Customer Service at customer [email protected] and we’ll advise you how to work. For unauthorized shipments, we charge the customer the actual freight costs.

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